Shape keys export

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I’m creating some facial morphs with shape keys…Can I export the shape keys created? I’d like to assign them to another mesh of another file blend…is that possible??
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Hi Larachan
I was trying this a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t find a way to do it. I tried finding the shape keys, and couldn’t, they aren’t stored separate like actions are. The only way I was able to append shape keys was by importing the whole object, importing the mesh & armature didn’t do anything as far as shape keys goes.

I also searched the forums 2 evenings in a row and found nothing, tried a couple experiments, and nothing. I admit to being a bit new to blender, so a more expirenced user may very well know a way and may be able to help.

I’ll be watching this thread…

the issues that is Mesh A, vertex #4 is at location (1,2,3) for shape X, and at location (345) for shape Y. The vertex, to you, is the lip corner. In Mesh B, vertex #4 is the corner of the eye. As you can see, there’s no way to map the two meshes, much less the shape keys.

To solve your problem, Blender has the MeshDeform modifier. What you do is make shape keys on a generic Mask kind of shape, and then apply that mask to Mesh A and Mesh B (and any other general kind of same mesh), saying, hey, this Mesh is deformed by this Mask. As the Mask changes shape, it moves the closest Mesh’s verts.

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To revolt_randy: yes,as you say the shape keys are not in the list of exporting things as the actions… I solved importing the whole head…but this solution is right for me only because I have to apply the shape keys on the same character with different cloths…

To PapaSmurf: I’ll try the meshdeform, but my doubt is: I deform the mask to create some facial morphs on mesh A. But if mesh B is different from mesh A and I apply the mask on B, I won’t have the same facial morphs I had with mesh A…I think…:rolleyes: …probably this is not true as I’ve not used the meshdeform yet…:confused: