Shape keys for UVs

Hi I was wondering if there is a script to use Shape keys but for UV maps such a pupil dilating, so you can change the shape back and forth and apply drivers and such. I hope is to use this for realtime rendering.


I don’t know if there is a way of using shapekeys for UVs
But if you only want to deal with simple transforms like translate, rotate or scale (like for example dilating pupils) what you can do is using a mapping node in your material, and apply drivers to the location, rotation, and scale params…



Ooh I actually did no think of that

I will try it out. But still I would not mind if someone can develop it because I might be useful

Thank you for your suggestion

Has there been any Update with any development with creating an addon that allows you to create UV Shape keys which in turn can be animated because Unreal Engine can’t do simple refractions unlike a lot most 3D rendering engine which can do it quite easily, and the only alternative is to use normal maps and stuff to get a simple result but I can’t animate the mesh so the UV’s will have to do. There is an animate all addon for the older version of blender but I don’t want to go back and forth copying a pasting those keyframes, and It’s not supported in 2.8. I would use Blender to render animations but Blenders Cloth physics is extremely slow and there is no plan interaction GPU acceleration, unlike UE4 cloth physics which is fast and uses GPU acceleration.

If someone can create a script that allows you to edit the UV’s and has the same features as shape keys that will be extremely helpful to me, and I would a pay a small amount for it like $100.

Did you try using animall ?

Probably won’t do shape keys but you can animate your UVs easily. Not sure about exporting though, alembic/fbx has issues with animated UVs.

Animall Is not supported in 2.8. Also I don’t want to go back and forth trying to find certian shapes in the time line.

Sure it is, just used it in the latest 2.83.

But ye, I completely get it, it’s probably not what you’d want, it’s tedious to check and not sure if anything supports exporting animated UVs. Alembic sure doesn’t.

So there’s no solution to my problem.