Shape Keys Fubar

I hope that I’m just missing something here. All of my shape keys have flat out collapsed on me.

In the shape keys panel, sliders have disappeared. The shape keys are there, when I select them the mesh shows the shape, but there’s no slider.
In the actions editor, sliders are there, but they seem to have no effect, either when I move them by hand or when I keyframe them.
One of the shapes has disappeared entirely from the action editor, although it is still in the shapes list.
Driven shapes no longer respond to the drivers.
Basically I can’t control shapes at all in any way.


Update… Okay, most of the problem was indeed my pressing something dumb. I had the little pin pressed down in the Basis shape, which seems to disable sliders. I’ll have to read up on this.

However, I stil have one single shape that does not have a slider and does not show up in my action editor. Any ideas why a shape would be lacking a slider?

It might also be noteworthy that for some reason this shape is now located below Basis on the list. It’s the only one… I have a feeling I must have somehow swapped it with Basis… Because basis isn’t supposed to have a slider, but now my Basis does… Okay, I’m getting close to a solution. Can anybody tell me how to get Basis back into the bottom position on my shapes list?

Try this:

In the Ipo window select ----, right click on the orange or yellow line, press G and drag it below all the others. That should make ‘Basis’ disappear from the action windows sliders and the missing key come back.

That works, thanks! Unfortunately the shape key I rescued came out of the process worse for wear… It looks fine in the “preview” but when I activate the slider, it’s 0 and 1 values are all wrong.

Bugman, if you come back to read this. I think I have the same problem, what happens in my case is that the key names displayed next to the sliders and the sliders next to the names actually correspond to different shape keys! The sliders are all messed up.

This is definitively a bug and I have not been able to figure out what causes this. There is an even uglier bug corrupting the internal state of the Ipo drivers, ruining all my hard work.

I suspect it has something to do with Python (insertKey() and updating). Did you at any point add a key by means of a Python script (rvk1 to rvk2, rvk mirror)?

I am waiting for a CVS build for Linux that includes a patch for a related bug that I put in the tracker and see if that fixes any of these problems, or else try to figure out what triggers these problems, for a new visit to the tracker…

While we’re at it, just to mention it, I am also having a very small problem with a remnant of one of my shape keys popping up at kind of unpredictable times in other shape keys.

Basically I create a shape key from basis, then edit the shape key, then go to object mode, and when I select another object and deslect the mesh, a little facial tic pops into my new shape.

Fortunately, it’s just a slight raise in a couple vertices in an eyebrow and so I can ignore it… and more good news is that I don’t think it’s actually rendering (although I’m not 100 percent sure about that). But it is slightly annoying in the 3D view.

Anyway, it’s not a big problem for me, but might perhaps be connected with some of the other shape key-related issues.

why don’t you use drivers?

Like you have a bone or anyting else to controle your shape’s?

It is much easier, and it will spare you for a lot of work.

By the way. I am quita bad at making bones to drivers, but there are an cool python script, in the animation tab, in the pyhon window. it is called somting with shape. With a little playing you will find out how to work with it :slight_smile: