Shape keys in GE, why not? they have an ipo curve


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I think it’s because the game engine does not have access to the Shape information, even if it can access the curve.

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Well I would guess it is because no one has updated the GE code in many years to implement shapekeys … Just because they have an IPO curve type (this is more an influence curve type like for constraints then the IPO curves for an object BTW which IFAIK you can’t access in the GE either) doesn’t mean they can be accessed unless someone codes it .

You need to understand what shapekeys are on a programming level … they are vector information stored per vertex in a mesh for each shapekey . So if you decide to implement shapekeys in the GE you are effectively multiplying the number of verts in your mesh by a factor of the number of shapekeys you have in your mesh … plus additional data to calculate the direction, scale, etc. which means over loading the GE with a lot of data that it currently doesn’t know how to handle .

There are GEs out there that can do this . It is just that the more current GEs have a symbiotic relationship to the current GPUs that are being manufactured and have code that can utilize stuff like vertex arrays and such “new” fangled ideas … I mean you don’t have subsurf in the GE either but I have played games with them already …

then the IPO curves for an object BTW which IFAIK you can’t access in the GE either

Yes you can play the object ipos in the GE. I dont think it would add a lot of extra computations for the engine?

It would have to compute size, direction etc. Which it already does for the character, so it could be used for the shape keys ipo too.

And adding only one vertex per shape keys isnt that much either.

You know, like creating a object and constraining it to a path, you have to bake that to the ipo to use in the GE?
So perhaps it is not so far fetched after all.

But Im sure it requires a coder with great mathimatical skills, smile.

I think that, while it may be able to access the shape IPO curves, that doesn’t help; the IPO curve is just telling the shape modifier what to do. in and of itself, it’s just a curve and therefore takes almost no storage space or computational time,
but the data and calculating that are necessary to use shape keys (the actual storing, processing, and interpolating of multiple vertex positions per vertex) is the problem.

also, AFAIK, the blender GE’s mesh and armature system is a bit behind the times (I believe the inability to use parent-to-bone is related to this), so I have a feeling that quite a bit of updating would be necessary to implement this. not to say you shouldn’t push for it to get done, but…

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later: You know when you bake the path thingy constraint, it deforms the object to make it follow it, or can… Like making a snake move along a loopy path. I think the functions, or parts of the functions exist.

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seems like we where able to bake animations in the past… wonder if that would help?

Hmmm, I forgot about that…still can bake them, never have done it though, lol. except the snake one…But that used a special script to do it, one not in blender yet.