Shape keys interactions in human character


I have a character made of multiple meshes ( the main body, eyes, teeth and tongue ).
How can I make the shape key that are on the main body affect the eyes, teeth and tongue ?

  1. I make my character taller using the shape keys but the eyes, teeth and tongue remain in the same place and now are where the neck is
  2. I make the mouth open but the teeth ( 2 meshes ) remain closed
  3. I make the eyes bigger ( the opening for the eyes get bigger but the eyes them self remain the same size )

Thank you

Just join parts of your character into single mesh (ctrl+j). Easiest solution.

Thank you for the answer unfortunately it did don’t work for me.
If I join the meshes after I make the shape key ( I have 2 meshes for the body: the standard one and the one with long legs that will make the character taller ) the eyes, tongue and teeth will remain in the same place and if I join them before by using CTRL+J and I create the shape by selecting them and using the “join as shapes” option when I use the shape the mesh will distort.
Is there an option to make the bones for the legs longer when I change the shape key value from 0 to 1 ?
Thank you

Well. I think you may want to use drivers then. Add some control bone and use it’s local y-axis to set up shapekey driver, and use same control bone y-axis to set up your leg bones y-scale driver. So when you move control bone along y axis - it will drive your shapekey and legs scale. This should work.