Shape Keys mess up character

Hey everyone, I’m new to Blender (using the latest version), and have run into a problem I couldn’t find posted anywhere. When I try to create a shape key for a character, the model gets completely messed up once I go into edit mode. Here’s the Basic:

And any time I add a shape key beyond that, I get this:

Thanks to anyone who knows what might be causing this!

Post your blend to Just a screenshot is pointless.

Did you make any physical changes to the mesh after you started creating shape keys - add or delete vertices or faces; extrude; in Object mode re-align, center or move objects? Anything that would make the ‘basis’ of your mesh different at some point, than it was when you FIRST began working on shape keys?

Ok, here’s the .blend file. Sorry, I’m new to the forum, too.

I’ve seen similar things when working an a mesh that has been scaled or moved. If you have done that, go into object mode, select your mesh, and hit control-A. Then apply your transformations (i.e. Location, Rotation, and Scale) one at a time.

What they said – adding even a single point to the model will completely mess up the shape keys.

I vaguely remember that I may have merged two points together after noticing an error in the original model. I’m guessing that’s what happened. Thanks!