Shape-keys/morphing for Rigs

I’m wondering if your able to shape key rigs or morph from one rest pose to another because some of my character will need their rest position changed to wear certain clothing

I do not know if i understand you . Do you want the pose library under pose tools?

You can change your rest position by selecting “rest position” in the Skeleton panel, then editing the armature. Where every you leave the armature in edit mode will be your new rest position. I don’t think you can save different ‘rest positions’. However, you can store as many poses as you like in the pose library, give them names, so if your character needs one pose to outfit scuba gear, you can call the pose “scuba gear” and another one “flight suit” or whatever you like.

There is probably a good, quick and efficient way to do what you are trying to do, but you really aren’t giving enough details to understand what you want to do. I have a hard time imagining what sort of differences clothing might have that require more than one rest position, especially if that character will be animated anyway.

I’m trying to find an easy way of making of having a characters foot in a foot in a high heel kind of position but also being able to change back in a normal flat foot position

Ah ha! The trick here is to use two sets of feet. The naked feet are flat foot. Then you have feet in high heels. Yes, disembodied feet, cut off at the ankles, with high heels modeled around them. Pretty gruesome, huh? Anyway, when she ‘changes shoes’ you mask out the naked feet and replace them with the feet in high heels. Sometimes, with boots, the legs stick into the tops of the boots, and there is nothing below the calf: no shin, no ankle, no foot, nothing. The boot is animated as if it had a foot inside, but it is really an empty shell. Ain’t CG wonderful?

Most rigs have a foot roll controler that lets the character stand on her toes. When she is in high heels you can set limits on the roll, so she can’t poke her high heels through the ground plane.

THX Orinoco

I’m gonna make a another set of legs in the “wearing heels position” and have the rest position bones copy there postion