Shape Keys Not Rendering

I have a shape key which open/closes a character’s eyelids. This works great on screen with the shape key slider. However, if I hit F12 the render does not show the latest shape key state.

What have I missed out please?

kindest regards,


Heres an example, of a basic eye lid setup.
Two shape keys, Basis, and Key 1 which is the eye lid closed.

In object mode, set the value for Key 1 then render f12.
It should work.

People usually animate shape keys by adding keyframes or a driver to the shape key value.

You may have the Show Active/Show Currect Shape property enabled, which is causing you to see the active/selected shape key in the 3D View in object mode.

Its hard to tell what may be causing the problem without more info.

Many thanks dirty-stick. This helped me to solve my problem. Much appreciated.