Shape keys with objects other than meshes


I ve read in that page ( that it was possible to use shape keys with objects like curves, but i cant find a way for that: what they say in there dont seem to work.

I select a curve, go out of edit mode, press IKEY and choose “curve”: pffft
There’s no “shape” panels nowhere.

I can do that with meshes, no pb ! But impossible(for me ) to find that with curves !

Someone knows how to do that ?

No there are no panels for curves in buttons window . What you need to do is split some space for the IPO curve editor . And select curve from the drop down window . It has “Object” selected as default but if you LMB the little up and down arrow you should see “Curve” as an option if you have inserted a key for your curve . If you have only one key it should be represented as “Key 1” along with the basis key on the right side of the IPO window
BTW meshes and surfaces also have IPO curves too . You can do more with direct manipulation in the IPO curve editor . Look it up in the WIKI .

Edit: Sorry there isn’t a “curve” option - only “shape” . It’s been a few months since I played with curves . Also you want to turn the “Relative Keys” button in the curves and Surfaces Panel In the Editing Buttons Window (F9) off to get access to the basis key in the IPO Curve Editor .

Hehe ! I get it !

Thank you Vertex ! it works wih some tweaks in the IPO window.
This Wiki pages let me think there was a shape panel for curves too: that confused me . I should have tried the IPO sooner.

Thanks again !