Shape keys won't work

I’m not really for sure… But this seems like some kind of bug to me. I’ve used shape keys many times before this and have never had any problems… But these shapes keys I have made for a very simple door simply don’t animate properly in the action window. All the door is supposed to do is open; one key for closed and one key for opened.

Here’s a .blend:

Oddly enough, the slider in the action window animates just fine, however the door itself does not. wtf? I’m very frustrated at this point because this is normally a very simple operation I’m trying to do. What normally takes 60 seconds has held me up for 2 hours.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Well it turns out it was a bug… I recreated the door in the same manner and it works fine now. Should I report that?

Unlink “AC: door_Swing”.