Shape Keys


I have this little problem with shape keys: the blend file is uploaded here:

Basically, I created two shape keys, a roundish, and an oval version. I created an action switching between the two versions - so far so good.

I converted the action into an NLA strip, and pressed N to open a Transform Properties box, and instructed blender to repeat the action 6 times.

It is misbehaving though (Well, probably I’m not doing it right!!). No matter what I do, it is only going through the action once. Why would this be so?


Mark :spin:

You have Absolute shapekeys on instead of Relative … You should always have relative shapekeys on if you want to key the shape like you are doing … adding relative keys on top of absolute curves gives you 2 curves (one absolute and one relative which are both linked) . Unfortunately you will have to delete all your shapekeys (including the basis key) and start over with Relative turned on …

Thanks Vertex Pusher!