Hi, this is my first face character animation. Made with Shape-keys in Blender Internal render. I hope you like it:

Hello! Brilliant animation. Could you do it with more sharp articulation and mimics? Select keyframes “Key” “Handle type” “Vector”

i like the the model, looks like disney, where is it from?

-RIPP:Thank you very much.
My english is bad, so I don´t understand that you say me. I think that I can show some captures with the shape-keys, but I have not got my computer now because it is repairing. When I have it, I will show you the process´s captures. Thanks!

-Koumis: Thanks for comment. Yes, the model is inspired in the U.S animation style, but not from neither in concrete. Thanks!

@madrid82: is there supposed to be sound? because i dont hear anything. this is not meant sarcastically, i’m asking, because i have problems with playing flash videos lately.

Blackdot, thank you very much for your comment. The animation has not got sound jeje, only the character makes the movements, it isn´t a problem of your pc. Thanks and greetings!