Shape Shifting

Is it possible in blender? Can a cube blend into a sphere?
I know I can use shape keys to make a single shape shifting but what if I want a sphere shift to a car? Is it possible?

You could add a cast modifier to your car and keyframe the influence. just hover your mouse pointer over the value you want to key, press I, move to a different frame, change the value, and press I again.

Its possible to use Shrink Wrap modifier with sphere as a target. Car faces will stick to sphere. Location of object centers will affect how faces move. Also surfaces will not stretch to sphere but“project” to sphere target. Overlapped faces will fold up!

Thanks for replies but both techniques cant do what I want. I want something that is more specific. Like a car transforming to suzanne. Not sphere. So in frame 1 you got your model as bike and in frame 20 your model is a car.

Here is what I think ( and cant do):
For example you got a suzanne and that suzanne got 507 vertex. And you modelled a vase or something and that model also has 507 vertex. All vertex has a number as I know. So just like in the shape keys I want to map all 507 vertex to each other and animate like a shape key. Is that possible?

I think this would be nearly impossible to do in a smooth way, and the end result would not look like what you want. You should try to think of a way to fake it, perhaps using multiple transitional meshes.

Particles has a similiar feature. Keyed particles can transform each other. Cant we integrate this?