Shape the surface


I wonder, if blender can be used to shape the surface mesh of object similar like the example on this page:

Would be nice, if you have hint about a tutroial or manual page! Right now, I looking for ‘shape keys’…


Not sure exactly what you want but as blender cannot do aerodynamics

For matching shapes there is the Shrinkwrap and lattice modifiers as well as shape keys.

The wiki is not accessible at the moment so cannot give the direct links to the articles yet.

By the way, this should be in one of the support forums, not News & Discussion.


thanks for the quick reply!
Yes, I know, that blender is not useful for the aerodynamic part, but the page shows some pictures about the shaping of geometries, so I thought, it can explain it a bit better…

Lattice Modifier look very interesting… it seems to be possible to control this with python as well.

Sorry about the wrong forum (again)… stupid, I did not find the support forums yet.


Yeah, lattice is what I was thinking. It allows you to put a cage around a model, and then manipulations on the cage effect the mesh.

Go to the main forum page and scroll down

… I found the forum, did not see the button for the other forums as I always started from the ‘General Forums’.
Thanks for the lattice information!