ShapeKey + Bone Action Doesn't work?

I’m trying to animate a character with both an Action Actuator and a Shape Actuator active at the same time. I made it work perfectly with only 1 Cube but when I tried to link 2 instances of that cube in another file I had this problem. So I made this little example .blend to illustrate it:

  • Both cubes have a Shape Key and an Action actuator.

  • The Shape Key actuator changes the size, the Action actuator changes rotation.

  • Both cubes have the Action actuator activated, so they rotate. Only the cube on the left have the shape key actuator activated, so only it should change shape. But both are changing the size, meaning the shape key actuator is affecting both.

  • If you go to and deactivate the Action actuator for the cube on the right, then only the cube on the left will change shape. Meaning the bug only happens when the object has both an action and a shape actuator active.

In short, the problem is: the shape key actuator is affecting both objects even the one with the actuator deactivated. As long as the object also has another action actuator active, the shapekey actuator will affect it as well.

How do I avoid this? Is this a bug? If so, how could I work around it?

Here is the example I uploaded:
shapetest.blend containts one cube, shapelink.blend links both together, is the script activating the actuators on only one of them.