ShapeKey on Basis doesn't update on the others

I’m doing a “complex” facial rig and I have LOTS and lots of shapekey but just now a new problem appeared and I have no idea how to fix it.
I modified the lips on my character to be more visible, basically I moved a few vertices a few pixels, Offcourse I did this on “Basis” but now every other shapekey has the old position of the vertices and not the new one. It didn’t update on all the others so even if I make the character blink the mouth goes to the old position and not what’s on the 'Basis".
I just need the mouth on the “Basis” shapekey to be the same on all the others shapekeys OR how can I make the mouth on Basis again like it was before, either way I need it to be the same on all the shapekeys otherwise everythime I make the character blink or look in way the mouth will change position.
Any help will be much appreciated!


Im not sure how it works on other version, though, in 2.70a.
When you edit the Basis, and the Relative property is checked, it makes a relative change to all other shape keys.
When you edit the Basis, and the Relative property is not checked, it doesnt modify the other shape keys.

There is an addon here with a tool that that may help.

For the active shape key, it resets the selected vertex positions, so they are the same as basis.
Shape keys can be wierd, it would be best to save the file with a different name before trying any major modifications.

It may be wise check the backup files also, .blend1 .blend2 files.
You may have a version of the file without the modification.

I had that box checked and it bugs me that I don’t know why it didn’t transfer the Basis position to all the other shapekeys because it could happen again.

I managed to reset the position of a the vertices for all the shapekeys (36) with that addon and I think it’s ok now although I have some shapekeys that use those vertices and I didn’t modify those but it’s not noticeable.

Thank you for your help and the explanation.