Shapekey transfer addon is glitching?

I’m trying to transfer my vertex groups to an identical object, though once transferred, the vertexes within the transferred group are all wrong. When I select them, they’re all asymmetrical, and randomly placed throughout the mesh. Is there a way to work around this?


Transferred version:

I have the exact same issue with transferring shape keys, which results in a melted mesh look.

Hi, i don’t think this kind of mesh is suitable for animations. The topology is messy.

Is there a work around this glitch?

Look at this tutorial for re doing the topology:

yeah but is this related to the glitch or not

I don’t think this is a glitch, its just impossible for the shape keys to workout the correct selections in such a messy mesh. i will start from scratch using a suitable head mesh.

ive done it before, and its worked though. idk why it wouldnt now. also, the mesh is a sims head, which works fine for animations

wow, thats way better than what i was working with. thankyou

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