Shapekeys and mesh stress?

Can a shapekey be applied according the stress of the mesh?
(I’m assuming the data used by the stress option in the textures/Mapping/coordinates can be accessed by modifiers)

I tough that I can model relaxed cloth and then add it a shapekey with a lot of wrinkles.
The idea would be automatically apply the shapekey in the folded(stressed) areas.
Is that even possible?
Else, should I suggest it in the Google summer of code? :confused:

I’ve seen tutorials where shape keys are controlled by armature bone rotations. The point being that the stress on a mesh is dictated by how the armature has been moved. In the tutorial, a humanoid was gives some shape keys that represented muscle flexing which kicked in automatically when the armature’s arm was curled. I don’t see why you could not do the same with adding wrinkles to the cloth when the armature was move into a certain position.

Hmm, I guess that should work, but I also have in mind to apply wind to the clothes, and so the armature-way could be not effective.