Shapekeys and Modifiers processing order

Hi everybody,
I was playng with weight modifiers and I found these amazing. I only found a little issue in shapekeys management. In particular I noticed that if I’m using weight modifiers like for instance “Vertex Weight Proximity”, then shapekeys were processed before modifiers. I consider this a little issue because when I’m using vertex groups for change shapekeys behavior, I cannot modify the weight map with modifiers. The only way is to apply the “Vertex Weight Proximity” modifier, but this is not good for animations.

Here a little exemple. I have a starting mesh and a shapekey for deformation of single faces:

If I add the modifier for Vertex Weight the mesh don’t change:

and the only way that I found for get it works, is to apply the modifier:

I have a little question for developers. Is it possible to implement the control for shapekeys processing order in modifiers tab?

many thanks,

aaaaa… try playing around with the ‘Displace’ modifier… there is place in there to connect to a vertex group (and vertex groups of coarse connect to weight paint maps)