ShapeKeys Issues

Hello all, my name is Alex and it’s my first post in the forum, so maybe the answer is somewhere I didn’t look, but I’ll ask anyway.

My project is to modelise a human embryo through it’s development stages 13 to 23.

To achieve this point I want to use the Absolute Shape Keys, but I don’t understand how they are related to the Evaluation Time values, I mean I don’t understand how to set them.

I have to try out to find what are their values and it doesn’t seems to obey any logic : for shape 14 it 0.001, for 15 it’s 0.7, for 16 it’s 7.6 and so on…

So to make is short : How a Shape Key is related to an Evaluation Time and how can I set their relation ?

Here’s a screen cap of the work focused on the issue :

I hope you guys will understand what’s going wrong, I have spent quite a lot of time on this little friend but for now my work is frozen until I manage to fix this problem.

Thank you in advance !

Evaluation Time goes through the shape keys in increments of 10, deforming previous to next.
So after adding a keyframe to evaluation time, its usually best to use the Graph Editor, to modify the f-curve.
Heres an example file:

Thanck you for the reply, it actually work with your file and few trial on simple mesh keyframe, but it’s messed-up in my current file. I may have changed some settings by mistake.

I would try press the Reset Timing button.
Ive never had much problems with timing before but that may solve the problem.

This was actually the solution, I feel quite dumb about it but thank you so much ! <3 <3 <3

Now it’s back to the 10 units scale of the Evaluation Time, you’ve really hekped me here, I own you one, whoever you are !