Shapekeys to Unity

Hello all,
So I’m working on a project in which my friend and I are importing a mesh with shapekeys over to Unity4.2.2f1 from Blender2.68a. It seems to be a common problem, but we haven’t been able to find a working solution. We’ve tried using the Metamorph script, but it kept throwing this error.

We were wondering if anyone here either knows what we’re doing wrong, or another more efficient solution for very little money or free.

There seems to be a few scripts.

Where did you download yours?
Have you asked on the unity forum?

The addon script could be setup wrong.
If the script is broken, this mabey a better, as a request in the Python Support forum.
Though i would probably ask on the unity forum first if you can.

There mabey someone else here with the same problem. Or with more info.