so, probably everyone know, but just in case you didn’t, shapekeys are an absolute pain for BGE. somewhere i saw that you could animate them wiht drivers or something, but i’m not really sure what that means (or even what drivers are, really :stuck_out_tongue: i’m pretty noobish still)
Does anyone know what this means/ how to do it?
Thanks !

I havent had any issues with shapekeys yet.

  • Create two shape keys in the “Data” tab.
  • Leave the first one as it is (its the normal shape)
  • Activate the second shape and push the vertexes around in edit mode
  • Keyframe (“i”-key) the value on the start frame with a value of “0.0”
  • Keyframe the value on the end frame with a value of “1.0”
  • Add an Action actuator and play the animation in the bge

i have got a shapekey object in my racegame that works well. but i have red that there can be a problem with the collision when you use shapekeys.

Just don’t have the item your animating with shape-keys using any collision, instead have another item set the the same size with collision and logic bricks connected to the item that has the property.
When linking items logic bricks Shift-Select and sellect the one with the properties last to use them.

Use reinstancePhysicsMesh(object, mesh) to update collision shape changed by shapekeys during the game