shapes keys animation test

im not really sure if this post belong is the position but i was trying out shape keys and it worked pretty good but when i went to render my animation i put in all the settings i wanted but for some reason after render it came out really badly pixilated and im not sure why…
heres the blender file

Your render output size is only 400 x 300. Also use a better quality output codec such as xvid / mpeg, with a higher bitrate in the encoding panel. Currently you have MPEG1 with a bitrate of 1 !. This will output rubbish however good your animation.

thanks. oh yes i have a question about animation… how do you move an object the next layer so that in the animation it just dissapears when you want it to

you can do that in the object data tab under “relations”. just press “I” while hovering over the layers.

thats for 2.49b… cant seem to find it in 2.5, instead its got things like deltaloc, deltarot, deltascale, available.

oh wait never mind i found out what to do…