*ShapeSea* _ A Surreality....

Hey Everybody. Been away a while, put this together this evening. Started out with a very different idea, eventually morphed into this. Nothing extremely detailed or(as some may put it) of any major visual value, but I am very happy with it.

I Present ShapeSea

Rendered with Blender internal. AO, some nodes work for blur(didnt use the DoF node tho), a bit of Photoshopping(for effect and color strength).

Any crits are of course welcome, as are votes.

Thank you, Peace

Nicely done for an abstract work, at least it’s something other then spoon mills, chairs, and blockheads:yes:

ha, I was having a bad day with those spoon mills…
And those chairs made it into the Blender 3D gallery(in december, go check it out!)

Thanks man.

they look like pyramid cinnamon toast crunchs lol…
nice job…

Cinnamon toast crunch? lol, I guess Im not smokin what you are, Im missin it.

Thanks tho man.

dont tell me you dont know Cinnamon toast crunch??

haha…no i am not on crack BTW…

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a scary supersupersweet breakfast cereal, at least in the US here.

I was going to say, “Is it made of chocolate?!” :smiley:

HA, Im US dudes, thats my fave cereal :smiley:

Thanks for the comments guys…

Ah, master of the array modifier. well done.



good work tho…4 stars BTW

@Jacco: Actually, I dont bother with array(sometime its har dot get the right look) Just one object, copy, copy(doubling, two, four, eight, sixteen), copy, rotate…It takes a while(and wow, like a 2 min render time, so many polys), but thansk a ton man :smiley:
Cool to hear from you.
@Trak: Liar? I am u.s.(QC mayn, go Charlotte NC), and CTC taste amazing(‘swirls of cinamon in every bite’, right?), tho I havent had them in a while…


I don’t exactly know your tone with that but if you mean wow, it only took two minutes, the Blender internal renderer can render out a lot of polys in a short period of time if their untextured or the material is basic or so.

Don’t be assuming all your renders will have that short period of time, I’ve had many renders that took hours or in one case even days and I’ve had some that pushed 2 million polys and 800+ megabytes in use.

Ha, I can get most renders down beneath a minute on my comp, dunno why I said two minutes, it was a 33 min render. Ive had renders I waited hours for, actually.
The main thing is, I render these with AO, and there are so many nooks and crannies to calculate, it takes a while.

But yes, I am prepared to deal with long render times.

Thanks CD.

haha…u memorize the adverts…lol…

Commercials since I was 4 man, they stick…
Plus I still got lil sibs who love cartoons, so…

You’re one of the few people that can make duplication look good. Nice job with this.

lol, thanks man. I am trying to get good at other composition styles SO(plug alert)
A shot at emotion with one character…

ha, its my thread, I can do that, right? :wink:

Peace man.

I completly forget that there’s a location thingie in the post header :slight_smile:


Any other crits or anything?