Shapeshifter add-on won't work anymore. Help?

(Thedonquixotic) #1

I purchased an add on called Shapeshifter Pro. I emailed and have tried to contact the creator in multiple ways but have not received any reply yet.

Basically I reinstalled my OS, and downloaded the latest version of blender. I try to install add on from file. It comes up just fine in the User Preferences but for some reason it’s not showing up in the toolshelf at all.

According to what I can read in the Python file, it seems that it was created for Blender 2.71. I’ve tried downloading 2.71 from release archive and it still isn’t working, so I think maybe I’m doing something wrong, or something is wrong with the script?

(Thedonquixotic) #2

I’m an idiot! I figured it out. I was auto unzipping the add on once I downloaded it from the internet, and I needed to install it as a zip file rather than the main python file that was within.