Shapeshop a new (free) sketching and blobs based modeller.

nice thing…

Interesting program, thanks for the info/link. :smiley:

That thing looks like that T.E.D.D.Y program from Japan on steroids, imagine if he came to help intergrate the tools into Blender as a possible extension to sculpt mode.:slight_smile:

If you can export models from it, that’d be a good program to make shapes then import them into Blender and sculpt on them in 2.43 when it comes out.

The decal system (as it appears in the demo reel) also looks pretty good.

Fun program. You can get the meshes into Blender I had to use Wings as a converter. The .obj that Shapeshop exported wouldn’t import to Blender, it came into Wings and I used .3ds to Blender. I haven’t been able to get the texturing working yet. So far I have made a CatFish Thing Blob.