Shaping Harmony - BlenderGuru Christmas Contest entry and WIP

Hi there, this is my entry for the Blender Guru Christmas contest, I will be sharing some of my WIP here, link to my Artstation page:


The hardest part of this project was to make the face and the pose right, since I am not too good with human anatomy, this task of making her look like a real person was a very tough task for me. In terms of composition, I tried to drag the viewer’s eyes from the top left corner towards her face, The initial idea was to have a energy line (like absorbing dragon souls from Skyrim) to guide the eye’s direction, but then I saw the Disney “Coco” movie, and I decided to use their colour schemes, because warm and cold colours always work. Big thanks to Rico Cilliers for the hair tutorial


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This is really excellent – it looks like a still from a Disney movie, so you’ve achieved that look quite well.

Really nice work Jason! This is just the kind of artwork I’d like to create! :slight_smile:

That’s beautiful. All the elements work together.

I like the white hair much better. Even all white clothes looks better to me. Elf ears would be interesting to see.

I also would have prefered the white hair, but I had to add colour to it because I wanted to add a visual depth to the strands. nice suggestion on the elf ears:)

This is really beautiful work! Love the colors you chose and the way the camera focused. Congrats on your placement in the christmas contest.

What even… This is incredible! 5*

This made my jaw drop… The glow and particle effects look too damn good in this image. Love the blur as well. 10/10.

Simply beautiful