Shard collect

This is the second game that could be put into the mini games section of Gravity battle(link in my signature). Down Load and tell me what you think and if I should add or change anything. Good comments and feedback will put the game up and running. Enjoy!
Shard Collect.blend


I would like to play it, but the link doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

fixed it. and do you think the sand box fits the theme

Sounds cool!
I’ll take a closer look later.:slight_smile:

ummm, do the little thingies at the end shot anything?

Looks good! Gameplay provides a nice challenge in trying to fly around and collect the little shards. Just a few comments:

#1 What about making it that if a bullet hits a shard, you collect it.

#2 How about a better material for the shards, perhaps a nice alpha texture giving them a fuzzy glow.

#3 Animated shards. So that the fragments are rotating in the air.

I don’s really know what you mean
the shards actually have an animation that makes it pulse like a heartbeat

P.S. Update coming soon~

sorry, improper grammar, the tubes sticking out the front, what are they for?

Oh, They are the cannons, use with ‘Q’(blue) and ‘leftshift’(red)
sorry I forgot to post the control:o