Shards explode instead of just falling down

Hi there,

I’ve a feeling that this question is a really simple one and I did try and search for similar questions asked here before but I either got the search terms wrong or it’s not been asked before. I think it’s the former :slight_smile:

I’m learning how to shatter objects using the Cell Fracture Add on. I’m able to follow all the instructions properly and have the shards generated without a hitch ( from a simple beveled and subdivided sold cube ) But when I try and a simulation in the Game Engine mode with the “p” key, the shards mildly explode before falling down instead of just falling down. I’d like them to just fall down. You know, without any sideways displacement.

I tried to play about with the settings in the physics panel but I found none work to make the shards just fall down.

Could anybody tell me what’s wrong here?

Thanks in advance for any reply :slight_smile:


Try playing with the collision bounds. If you set the bounds to convex hull with 0 margin, you will see the desired effect.

The problem is that the collision bounds is pushing against each other, causing them to shoot out away from each other when they are triggered.

Here is a .blend that I think may satisfy your needs, or at least get you started.

the cup on the left is shattered, and falls all together because of the small collision bounds not being set off by the other pieces. It may not look shattered, but it is. The cup on the right is just showing the suspended animation that can be activated by collision with the cell fracture to make some cool effects.

Throwcup - (612 KB)

Hi Damutantman! Your powers are certainly appreciated :slight_smile:

I tried reducing the bounds and it worked as you’d said. Thanks!