Share with us your experiance in freelance world

Hey , i’m architect freelancer in Algeries and i want try my chance in or upwork …
Any one from you have an experiance please share with me :slight_smile:

I’ve never used, but I’ve been doing commissions for about ten years now. It doesn’t even remotely pay the bills, so it’s basically a hobby that people pay me to engage in at this point.

I have used Upwork for about a year now, and I have gotten several jobs through it. I use it as a second income, so it works out well for me because I only apply for jobs that I really want to do, or that seem like a good client to work with. There are lots of jobs for architectural renderings on there, so if that is something you are good at you could probably get some steady work.

Upwork does take a percentage, but that is pretty standard for platforms like that. Since it is the same percentage every time, you can basically just write that into your bid, and then still make enough for it to be worth your time.

As you do it more, you will find clients that you work well with, and typically people who hire on there don’t just do 1 project. I have some clients that I have done multiple jobs for, so then I don’t have to go through the whole bidding process. They basically just send the offer and I accept and start working.

I have more tips if you are interested in hearing them, but I might have already answered the questions you had. Just let me know.