Share your addons development environment

I remember having a hard time to figure out how to get a smooth workflow to dev my first scripts & addons, so maybe people can share how they have setup their workflow and softwares to be comfortable when coding?

Here is my setup:

  • I use Github for my source code management, and Github Desktop to get a git UI. I also use the Github wiki functionality to write and maintain my user documentation.
  • I have setup a portable version of Blender dedicated to development (theme, startup file, etc)

  • I open my Github addon folder into Visual Studio Code
  • Using this very wonderful VS Code extension named Blender Development, I just have to launch Blender Start command (F1 > type Blen > arrow keys if needed > Enter) to launch my Blender-dev with my addon loaded, and also have the ability to read Blender console right into VS Code
  • Every time I want to see my script modifications into Blender, all I need is to ask for Blender Reload Addons into VS Code
  • and voilà, I can now commit my modifications to Github, using Github Desktop (no need to write git command)

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Similar environment here. Linux OS, Git for source code management but preferably from the commands line, VS Code for development. Additionally blender-addon-tester for unit testing. GitHub actions or gitlab pipelines for CI/CD.

You can grab my Neovim setup from here

It is targeted at python development.