Share your favorite links!

Before sharing some of my favorite links, I would like to lay down a few ground rules for the sort of links which will be supplied in this thread:

  • Sites must contain content of their own – actual articles, videos, music, etc. Google and Digg are great, but I want people to think in terms of content.

  • No social sites or personal blogs. I am aiming for sites which have pound-for-pound a consistently high standard of quality and benefit to society – signal with little to no noise. Blogs with a strong theme are acceptable, since they more resemble magazines than diaries.

  • Memorable and/or useful. These must be sites you either frequent regularly or have made a lasting impression on you the few times you visited them.Here are some of my top links (Note this is not exhaustive):

  • TED – Definitely the most interesting and thought provoking videos I have ever watched. I am continuously amazed by everything I’ve seen there.

  • Project Gutenberg – A huge collection of free literature. Read all the classics without leaving home!

  • Internet Archive – Seeing web site designs from over a decade ago is fun, but there is also a lot of great video and audio available.

  • – A collection of nerdy podcasts.

  • Damn Interesting – Many of the articles on this site really are quite interesting.

  • Creative Commons – Provided a means for artists, musicians, and other content creators to more easily and openly share their works. I especially like the ccMixer Commons.

  • Homestar Runner – One of the best Flash cartoon series on the internet. I probably watched everything on that site twice (or at least once.) Remember to visit the Videlectrix site also.

  • The Perry Bible Fellowship – One of the most cleaver web comics I’ve seen. Each strip seems to say something interesting – in a weird twisted way. Warning, comics may contain nudity and/or hint at sexuality.

  • Matthew White’s Homepage – A lot of great history information and illustrations along with a lot of other interesting stuff.

  • Steve Pavlina – At first glance a lot of the stuff he says may seem way out there, but a large majority of his thoughts and advice I completely agree with. I’ve learned quite a few interesting things from his blog.Now let’s hear from you! What sites do you love to visit?

What? Nobody knows of any web sites really worth visiting?

i would like to say: +1 for the TED link! :wink:

i allso logically like to visin cgtalk alot.

and heres an interesting blender users blog: - this is a new blog of hes, i hope he will re post lots of hes old blogs postings again too, they were very interesting, about modeling techniques, that is… :wink:

I love the Perry Bible Fellowship.

Here’s my current list.

  • Museum of Hoaxes A site about fakery of all kinds, indispensable in the current era.
  • Astronomy Picture of the Day NASA posts a new space picture here every day, with an explanation by an astronomer. Great for learning and/or wallpaper.
  • BleepingComputer This is where I go to look up various startup and malware programs. I have yet to look up something they didn’t have an entry for.
  • StatCounter free invisible webcounter with loads of stats
  • Freesound Project CC-licensed sound fx
  • Artists’ Manifesto Why artists shouldn’t need to work for free. This links to the mirror here at BlenderArtists. I still show this to a lot of people.
  • Twinkie Denial Awards A list of “awards” given out for bad game design strategies. Useful for any game designer–learn what not to do.
  • Cost of WarAre you a US citizen? Click here for a scare.
  • Computer Stupidities Thoroughly amusing horror stories from Tech Support.
  • Starslip Crisis Art meets science fiction.
  • Dinosaur Comics You probably already know it. Unchanging art discusses every subject in the known universe, and then some.
  • User Friendly It’s day has come and gone I think, but the archives can still be funny.
  • Toothpaste for Dinner kind of odd comic. Hard to explain.
  • xkcd Comic with a geek bent. Good stuff.
  • Octopus Pie this comic was recommended by lots of webcomic artists when it debuted recently. It’s story-based, kind of interesting.
  • Joy of Tech kind of nice tech comic. Bit too many Mac jokes for my liking.
  • Here There Be Robots Robots and Aliens in the age of Pirates. Odd but very funny. Does not update regularly.
  • Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life Seems to be defunct, but archives are still good.
  • Checkerboard Nightmare Webcomic about webcomics, and the funniest one I know. Defunct but with extensive archives.

Cheers Team - Good to know your cool websites - I was limited to Hotmail & Blender (not being too hot on the internet) but now I peruse your lists!