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My name is Veronica and I’m a User Researcher with Autodesk. I’ve posted in this forum before and I realize that some of you may not appreciate that. You all form such a dynamic, supportive, smart community however and I always learn so much from you when I post here. As such, I hope you won’t mind this post and will continue to be helpful with your comments.

Please take our 1-minute survey to tell us about the art or content you produce and how you work, in order to help our researchers better understand things like: how you work with assets, what your workflows are, and any challenges you encounter while working.

We invite you to complete this survey regardless of the 3d or 2d products you’re using. All voices are welcome: creative professionals, technical professionals, freelancers, students, teachers, and hobbyists.

Your responses will be anonymous unless you indicate in the final question of the survey that you’d like to participate in a follow-up meeting over Zoom. During these sessions, we’ll talk more about how you work, the tools you use, and we’d like to get your feedback on some design ideas we’re thinking about and whether they could apply to you. Interviewees will receive a gift card from us for participating.

A desktop display is recommended for the best survey experience.

Survey link here: (removed by @bartv)
Thank you!

Veronica Meuris
Autodesk Product Research

Hi Veronica,
I have two questions:

  • Who will benefit from the survey results?
  • If it is Autodesk, knowing that they want to be paid for everything, will they pay us for what we write in the survey?
    Edit: oh, I see, a giftcard! WOW! and only for the interviewed… LOL, ok Veronica, the next time that I will like to use an Autodesk product, I will ask to pay with a giftcard of mine for it. Don’t waste your time answering, Thank you again.

Dear Veronica.

If Autodesk wishes to guide countless users here away from Blender and into the ‘promised land’ (ie. the world of Maya and Max), there are a few things that Autodesk should first do on the business end.

  1. Make the 250 dollar indie license a permanent license with no always-online DRM. The software is yours to keep and it cannot be revoked by a future policy change.
  2. Make the .fbx API licensing friendlier to open source, how can your new users continue their work if they can’t transfer their content from Blender.
  3. Ensure permanent indie licensing for future releases and let license holders just upgrade for a fee like how it used to be done.
  4. Ensure that indie users can have full access to Arnold for their rendering needs as Blender users can access Cycles. No gotchas (like a watermark) and no surprise fees.

If the management can do all of that with no hidden tricks in the fine print, then I for one will seriously consider giving Maya a go. Is Autodesk willing to give it a try, because mandatory subscriptions, even an indie tier subscription, won’t cut it considering Blender’s current state.


Do you come in peace?


As peacefully as any profit company can be. If you can give them something… Everything is fine, but don’t expect return.

At least, I don’t see anything for the benefit of our community here that will not cost money or represent profit for them.

I participated in an interview with Autodesk about a year and a half ago (I don’t remember if it was Veronica or not) and they were very nice, friendly, and interested in how I used Blender and how it benefited me. The interview lasted about an hour and, no, it was not a sales pitch. I took it as research into why I chose Blender, what I liked about it, how I used it, etc., and I got a nice Amazon gift card for my trouble.

Yes, the problem is not to understand what is behind that.

Definitely was not to help blender users but to find a way to steal them from blender and make them pay for their products. What indirectly is a sales strategy.

Well, they may try.

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The operative word ‘steal’ seems to be a bit strong, because Autodesk is not sending employees to your house to make you purchase Maya and delete Blender at gunpoint.

However, there is nothing preventing Autodesk from checking out the Blender source (along with the branches) so as to make Blender won’t ever have features that Maya and Max does not get by the next point release (to note, they can’t copy the code directly without violating the GPL, but they can use it as a guide for their own development). This is perfectly legal, even the devs. can’t do anything because the GPL makes all code attached to it public.

@Veronica1 We don’t appreciate commercial surveys with no clear benefit to the Blender community - you should have checked this with the team first. I have removed the link to your survey.


I am not saying they would be stealing people and forcing them but stealing them from the community with practices that, in my point of view, are unethical. If some day you fall in love by some feature that they developed based on a survey they took from here, while the blender foundation did not have the same chance and you decide to migrate to Maya because of that, I am sorry, but from my perspective it’s stealing, knowledge and users.

And do you know how much it would cost an idea to give them a breakthrough to dominate even more the market? Well, I think that much more than the tokens they offer. For me it’s getting for free what they should pay a good price.

She said specifically she was from Autodesk and is doing a survey, whether people decide to give the company feedback regarding Max and Maya is being done knowingly rather than being done in some underhanded way.

Is a user in the wrong for giving suggestions for an app. he does not use? People are here because they use Blender as their main app. or as part of a pipeline (because it ticks the required boxes for their work). They are not owned by Blender, they are not required to chain themselves to the BF, and they are not expected to ‘fight for FOSS and the common good’.

They are not, but this space is and as participants of this space they are in this universe and not walking on the streets unconnected to a specific point in common.

The point in common HERE is Blender and it’s universe. If people here are not committed to this perspective it’s their personal problem that should not pass HERE as a specific community.

Many people here, yes, work with other software but what brings them here is not that other side, but Blender.

So I am sorry if I see things differently, but I am personally committed to this perspective where people with much more knowledge and talent than me GAVE everything they work for free as a great program and made possible that many ppl, me included, could benefit from this universe.

You don’t go to the house of your competitor to ask him how to defeat him in the market you both dispute.

If you want to participate on Autodesk surveys, it’s on you, outside. As a person and a professional independent from the space you share with others that is destined for BLENDER.

I don’t like it specially coming from a company that works hard to make everything they do completely incompatible with Blender. You may think the way you prefer. I will not try to force anyone to think the way I do, but I will not deny myself the right to say what I think.

In other words: on one hand, Autodesk does everything in their power to keep everything related to their software under their specific control, including work that professionals do with it, on the other hand, they don’t feel even a bit concerned on respecting the boundaries. It would no to be such a big deal to me if their actitudes were coherent.

Want an open dialog? Open yourself first.

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Technically, any user of any software can post on BA, nor is there any rule saying you have to be actively using Blender in your creative work to post, or used Blender at all for that matter.

I can see why it could be annoying though if one’s purpose was to exclusively post as an ambassador for a competing solution, but what I don’t see is the likelyhood that the BF was ‘robbed’ of some truly good proposals just because of this post (as it would be much harder to do as thousands have already been thrown out there).

Of course nothing illegal, but:

  • Autodesk must be desperate to do this kind of things
  • it is VERY ineducated to chime in asking your competitors to help you in this way, especially having been greedy for this long and not showing any sign of a change in your selling model
  • should Veronica work for me, I would have fired her 1 minute after seeing this, even because she forced me to like the post by @bartv (joking, but he knows).

…well if that isn’t entertaining…

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