Share your SIGGRAPH 2018 pictures and stories here 📷

This week, the focus of the Blender community is on SIGGRAPH in Vancouver. And while many of us would love to be there, most will be watching from a distance. So here’s a call to all you travelers: if you’re in Vancouver this week, please share all your pictures of the Blender booth, the crew and any Blenderheads you meet there on this topic (and don’t forget the after-show drinks ;-).

I’ll kick it off by sharing some Tweets I found:

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Hello everybody! Can I watch a video with presentations somewhere?

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I was in Vancouver in June as part of my summer vacation – what a great city. I haven’t been to SIGGRAPH in many years and I miss it. Thank you all for sharing your pictures so I can at least experience it here.

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Good point, would like to watch them also… I do expect some of the Siggraph videos will be on youtube, but unsure about blender specific.

Hello! Yes, I saw the presentation of NVIDIA. It was cool! True, of course the cost of new video cards with the technology of Turing is extremely extremely extremely extremely extremely high!

Stay on-topic please - this topic is for sharing your SIGGRAPH/Vancouver Blender pictures and stories. If you want to discuss other SIGGRAPH things, open another topic!

As far as I can remember, there was no one shooting video in the room during either of the Blender BoF meetings, so it’s unlikely that there’s anything to share in that regard.

However, I was there. I can give a rough accounting.

During the Blender Community Meeting BoF, Ton spoke about what’s gone on with Blender development in the last year. If you’re a regular on the forum here, you’re pretty well caught up:

  • One release (2.79… plus a and b bugfixes)
  • Code quest!
  • Lots of talk about new features (EEVEE and Grease Pencil were big highlights)
  • A bit of sharing about corporate sponsorship that’s helped with having full time developers
  • Blender 2.8’s 2nd alpha release just came out. They wanted to have a beta ready, but what’s in master right now is not feature complete.
  • Hope to have 2.8 beta ready by the end of October (Blender Conference)
  • The Blender Benchmark site is live
  • Blender 101 is still a thing and a goal
  • Next target after 2.8 is released is “Animation 2020”, where there will be a big development focus on improving Blender’s animation and rigging tools.

In the Blender Spotlight BoF, there was some really cool work being shared (I’m sure this list doesn’t include everything, as I didn’t take notes, so this is from memory… also I’m horrible with names, so I’m sure I’ll mess some of them up, too):

  • David from Theory Studios spoke about what they’ve been up to (including high-profile productions and teaching Blender to artists in the Middle East)
  • A very cool guy who also works with Theory (I’m sorry, I forgot your name) uses Blender for assets in VR games. He shared two from a presentation that he didn’t create or control (David did). One was the result of a game jam and it involved hurling fireballs and iceballs to protect villagers from ice monsters. The other was called Punchman and it involved winning by punching things… both lots of fun.
  • Jeroen Bakker shared AtMind’s work on a new Blender add-on for crowd simulation. Development isn’t complete, but the results are looking really good. They’re looking for beta testers!
  • Jeremy Bot shared some really cool stuff about using Blender to clean up photogrammetry scans of wildlife and rig them for animation. The stuff he’s working on can be seen on Sketchfab
  • I spoke very briefly about and the changes we’ve made here within the last year
  • Conner McG— (I can’t remember his full last name. I’m horrible) is an independent filmmaker and artist. He shared his sizzle real that showed his work and the festivals he’s gotten his work into.
  • Mike Pan shared two things. One was about using Blender to train an AI to recognize toilet seats. The other was really cool, but for the life of me I can’t remember it this very moment.

There were at least two more people who presented their work in the Spotlight, but I’m ashamed to say that I can’t fully remember exactly what they were right now… and they were really cool, so it’s even more saddening that I can’t remember. Perhaps I’ll remember after a cup of coffee. If I do, I’ll be sure to update this.


Cool guy is Chris Folea :wink:

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

Thursday morning at the Blender pod at the AMD booth.


Nice summary!

Here’s what little info I was able to capture.

You can find more about our Digital Life via, which has a bit more background info about the project and includes links to the sketchfab assets.
Here is a direct link to the flatback sea turtle which appeared at the end of my talk:

Theory Studios also demoed a game that is currently in production called EXIRE.

We had dinner with Conner (spelling?), the independent filmmaker after the meeting and he shared that more info on his work can be found on

Leonardo Render, a cloud-based rendering platform, was another project which was presented. More info here: presenter shared some city building tools that included Blender in it’s pipeline, along with

Here are a few more photos I took, which can also be seen on my twitter.

Mike Pan presenting at in the AMD area.


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I had to speek, but I was on HPG2018 in Vancouver. Petr Strakos spoke about Blender in HPC . We will speek about this topic on BCON2018:-)

Awesome pics guys! I had a blast hanging out at the Blender booth last year in LA. Really wish I could have made it up there this time!

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