Shared property


Sorry for all the questions. I’ve been blendering a lot last days. :yes:

Is it possible to make a sort of a shared property between objects?

I mostly make the same property with lodge bricks over and over again.

For example a stanima bar… The bar needs to change, the character needs to react etc…

I know it’s possible to link the objects but it gives kind of a mess because lots and lots of objects are connected to each other that way.

Thanks a lot fokes :cool:

no-one got an idea? :spin:

If you are spawning the objects that must share properties, then just add a script to the spawning object that executes once. Something like:


They aren’t being added. Isn’t there a way to make some kind of list and cange all of the properties?

Simple !

use “Global variables” :eyebrowlift:

by example,

if one of your script create & store 60 in a variable with “GameLogic.” as a prefix,
it will be call-able by any others scripts of the game.

here is the syntax :

1 script write :

GameLogic.The_name_of_your_variable = 60

2 script call the variable the same way :

Intriguing_constant = GameLogic.The_name_of_your_variable

sorry for being late heh