"Shared" vertices in the UV Editor

Hello all,

I am having a problem that I can’t seem to fix while editing my UV maps. In the UV editor, if I select one vertex on a face, the shared vertices are also selected. Is there a way to disable this? Does this have anything to do with how you unwrap the model? I basically need each face in the UV editor to be independent of any other face.

Thanks… :confused:

Are you sure it’s selecting those other vertices? There’s a glitch for me where it will sometimes color the other verts, but doesn’t actually select them. If not, you can try unwrapping with cube projection which will separate all the faces.

Check and see if this is on.
It syncs the mesh and UV Window, but it also selects shared verts.

If thats not the problem, and you just want control over each face, place your seams that way.

Or, there’s cube projection
So you might wanna play with the unwrap options.


I am sure it’s selecting the other vertices because they move at the same time when I move the original vertex. Cube projection doesn’t seem to work as the UV faces are 10 bigger than the UV grid area.

This is on, but it needs to be, unless there is another way to have all the UV faces visible in the UV editor and be able to tell which face of the mesh you are working on. I was working on a similar object earlier today and was able to do this and only have 1 vertex selected.

aaOr, there’s cube projection
So you might wanna play with the unwrap options.

I have and the smart projection method seems to work best for this.

I know it’s probably my inexperience with UV mapping, but it seems like it’s an underdeveloped part of Blender. For example, why can’t you see how long the edges are or edge angles in the UV editor? Why can’t you select an edge (instead of 2 vertices). :spin:

Thanks for your replies. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t need to be.
Select all the verts in the 3D window and their all their in the UV Window.
How about showing us your unwrap.
I can tell what faces are on my mesh because of the topology.
But I don’t know what your unwrapping so different story.

I’ve found UV Mapping easy and fast in blender, there’s no need to see how big edges are, cause its flat.
There are other options on how to select verts.
Again, I’m not sure what your doing, but maybe if you tried out projection painting you’d be more satisfied.

After messing with the same mesh again, I think I figured out what I did to make it work.

Once I unwrapped the mesh, I then enabled the syncing of the two windows. This allowed me to arrange the faces in the UV editor so they were in a more logical order. Then, I disabled it so I can align the vertices up properly. Since they are now in order, once I select the face in the UV editor, I can verify it (if needed), in the 3D window.

This is one of the issues when learning something new. You have a lot of “stuff” rolling around your brain and until it gets cemented in there, you can get a bit mixed up.

I appreciate both of your help on this. As for the projection painting you suggested, since I am making static meshes for a game (Unreal Tournament 3), I am only interested on techniques that can be used in the game. I know Blender can allow someone to do all sorts of great stuff, but I need to stay focused on why I am using it. :smiley: