Sharing Animation between Blender files


I am a bit new to Blender and I still have lots to learn. There is something I want to do and was wondering if anyone can help.

I want to create a spinning cube in one blender file then reuse/link that animated cube into another project. In that other project (blender file) I want to keep the original spinning animation but also be able to move the cube to a different position. I tried using proxies but I seem to lose all the animation data when I make the linked object into a proxy.

Is there another or better method to achieve my goal? I basically want to reduce the amount of work I have to do by doing it only once and not multiple times.


Append the cube into a new scene. Remove all Location Keyframes, and you can move the cube.

I would like to keep it so that if I modify the original cube, the other blender files will keep up to date. If I change the original the appended object won’t update to reflect that.

Then, instead of Appending, Link.

But when you link, you lose the animation.

What do you mean? Animation linking works fine for me.

Ok yes. But what I want is to have multiple instances. I would link the object then I want to reposition the object. I tried making it in a proxy but I’ll losing the animation.