sharing blender over the internet

I would like to explore helping folks learn blender over the net. Can two people share an instance of blender? Is there a remote desktop viewing solution that works well with it? I would probably use skype to share voice. What useful things could verse offer me?

All things i’ve seen on the internet about verse are very abstract. I wish they would make some videos showing more about verse…

As far as i know, there is a build for blender which has the option to host/connect under the file menu. Hmm… it would be cool to take the time to test it out with someone, if you are interested pm me your skype/msn/yahoo id.

it is possible…but at the moment it is limited

i tried loaded one of my cars onto a verse server (i took off sub surf, so it was about 7k) it kept crashing blender and didnt show correctly.

so far only mesh data is transfered to server, no modifiers, textures, UV mapping, armatures or animation data is transfered.

i was also thinking of setting up a course for this kind of thing, if ya interested in maybe working something out, PM :slight_smile:

ive personally been able to share my personal desktop and use others computers (upto 4 people at a time) through skype

they have something called UNIVERSE which lets you fairly much control all aspects of ones desktop or a specific software that is open (the voice msngr)

jcode: You could try out some vnc ( based solution in case you are not well versed with verse.

I’ve used this in the past… RealVNC:
They have a Free version which works quite well.

From the site: Can I use VNC to remotely control another computer across the internet?
Yes. VNC uses the TCP/IP protocol which is the networking standard of the Internet. You can use VNC over LANs, WANs, broadband ISP, and modem dialup ISP. The performance will vary with the amount of networking bandwidth you have, but there are special encodings and compression to make the most out of the bandwidth available. There is also an automatic linespeed detector, which will dynamically switch in the most suitable compression scheme for the connection you have. You should read the FAQ on security, and about using VNC through firewalls."

An alternative version based on vnc:
More features than the “free” RealVNC version listed above and it’s OS.

I hooked up with Dread Knight, using the skype unyte plugin, it was pretty slow, but has possibilites, I have experimented pretty extensively with vnc a while back. I would like to find something that would send remote procedure calls , preferably over ssl
. Then use skype for voice