Sharing/Link F-Curve Animation with another object?

Hi All,

I have imported a map of the USA. Each state is a curve.
I select Texas and animate the extrusion over time.
Now I have an f-curve that represents my extrusion from 0.0 to 0.1 over 60 frames.

How do I link that f-curve animation to the other 49 states?

I have opened the NLA and clicked the snowflake icon. this made an Action called “Curve.369Action”. So I activate the Dope Sheet and put that into Action mode. While the NLA shows my action, the Action editor does not.

How do I make my action appear in the list so I can select it?

Here is a simple example that shows the problem.

I have two circles. The blue one is animated and has an action but the red one does not. I want to share the animation from the blue circle with the red circle.

Notice in the screen shot, the NLA shows that I have an action, but the Action editor does not and shows an empty list?

What gives? Shouldn’t the Action Editor show me the action from the NLA in the list and allow me to link it to the red circle?

Is this a bug in Blender 2.59 r40267


circle_action.blend (394 KB)

I opened the file, and when I tried sharing the action in the Action Editor, I got this response:

cubeTests.blend (396 KB)

Are your states also made with bezier curves?
Because shared Action properties seem to work with Mesh. See cubeTest.blend.

I did not realize you have to “share” an action before it appears in the list.

How do you share an action?
Is that a menu option or right-click…?

It sounds like your asking for two things.

  1. Share the two Actions between the two objects ( in your example file ).
  2. Be able to edit them in the Action editor.

Unfortunately, to get those things was fairly convuluted, and counter-intuitive.

A. I went to your unkeyed object, and keyed the extrude attribute. Just once.
B. I turned this into an NLA action ( the red snowflake ).
C. I selected the Action, and quickly selected the original action to replace this.
D. I clicked the red snowflake again

A. I opened the Action Editor, and instead of Action Editor mode, I stayed in Dopesheet.
B. I went into ‘Edit Mode’ in the NLA with the strip, and this Action became visible in the Dopesheet.

mikahl_circle_action (1).blend (394 KB)

I also cannot get the Action Editor to see the extrude value either. Maybe this is a bug, or something. Then again, the dopesheet can easily substitute.

I’ll look into what you did, but if I am adding a key frame to my second object it kind of defeats the purpose.
I am not that familiar with actions and I don’t really use them.

What I want is my old 2.49 linked IPO in 2.5.9.

Ideally I should be able to share f-curves between two object (no actions involved). I just don’t know if it is possible in 2.59.

IIRC F-curves are always inside an Action in 2.5. See this diagram ( its a little old though ):

And the only reason I key the second object, is to get it visible in the NLA editor. So the initial action is just a ‘placeholder’ action, so that it gets replaced with the Action you actually want to share.

Thanks for the diagram that does help a bit to understand the hierarchy.

It does seem that the only data you can share is LOC/ROT/SCALE and the Deltas as well.
Consider the attached file. I have animated the extrude of the curve and added a wave modifier to it and animated the height of the wave. So two animation that were converted to actions but neither of them show up in the list for sharing.

For instance, in this situation I would like to share the animated height action with the a wave modifier applied to the cube. I would like to be able to share the extrude from the nurbs circle with the extrude from a font.


Ok, I guess I am seeing my problem in this work flow. It is the dang snowflake. If you don’t press that icon you can’t add another action. You are stuck at that level. So once I clicked on the MoveMe snowflake I had a blank slate again in the dope sheet. I then added a single keyframe to the cube’s wave modifier which created a channel for the Height parameter. Once I had a channel I could pick an action. So I chose the wave modifier action from the NurbsCircle. So I am able to cross link data even between objects of different types, as long as the parameters are the same.


25_action_q.blend (434 KB)

I should say it’s Aligorith’s diagram, and its an old one too. Not sure if its up-to-date.

It is funny the Action Editor mode doesn’t pick up those non-standard F-curves. Maybe a bug.