Sharing my musical attempts...

Hi Blender friends !

I wish you an happy new year !

This is an unusual content from me.

I have been a very long time without posting 3D stuff here, as well as anywhere else. I have had bad family troubles. My mother deceased in 2013 after a long year of hard sickness, and I had to take care of her and my father a lot for one year and a half. I also had some health trouble here and there myself. So, I have had to leave aside 3D things, because of lack of time and bad mood too. I hope that I will be able to start again at some moment.

The only thing I had some time and urge for during this period is music. I must say that I have never learnt music and that I can’t read a score sheet. All I do is playing on my Yamaha PSR e423 arranger keyboard. I play live music from instinct, without any knowledge, and add sometime some post-production in audacity or Magix to fix ugly sounds when required.

I have very few references, as I rarely listen music. I have never been able to work while listening music. My main problem is that I have a terrible lack of rythme ! But you will notice it yourself soon enough ! :smiley:

This said, I like to create music as well as images. The result may be awful for real musicians, but I wanted to share my “production” of the two past years. Any comment will be welcome ! The initial “Partners” icon on my website was in the past for a real commercial partner, but when this partnership ended I decided to use this “place holder” to host my musical attempts under the name of Ralph BILOUPPIE, which is an anagram of my name. :wink:

If you feel that your ears are bleeding, just switch off the sound !

I would be happy to know which titles you like the most or … at least dislike the less !

Here is the link :


Well, not very encouraging so far… :frowning:

Sounds good. The instinctual playing isn’t my style, but I’m impressed you can do this without planning it.

Making music is real easy when you don’t know how. You do it well.

Thanks ! I play a lot and only keep pieces that don’t sound too bad to my untrained ears…

Hi ! Many new titles in my playlist. I hope that you will like some of them at least ! Currently, music is on what I spend my time when the computer is busy for rendering or baking fluid simulations.

I like your stuff. Although you describe yourself as untrained, you have a good ear. (And very nice cover art.)

Now, you might also enjoy taking this into a tool like GarageBand (or a PC equivalent), using the computer to transcend your playing “chops.” This is pretty-much what I do (Logic Pro X in my case, now …), because my own playing abilities are lackluster. (Full disclosure: I don’t practice enough.) The computer enables me do things like this.

I could never dream of actually playing that part, any more than I could draw the things that I can make using Blender. But the computer can play it perfectly … or, imperfectly, as I choose. You can catch the performance into the computer in the form of MIDI events, change them any way you want to, hit the Play button, and presto. It’s the difference between a manual typewriter and a word-processor. If you ever felt held-back by your music lessons (or lack thereof), “well, not anymore.” If you felt that you wanted to go farther, “well, let’s go … how far do you want to go?”

Music, to me, is a very nice complement to graphic creativity, and in both arenas, the digital computer makes things possible that otherwise, for many of us, simply wouldn’t be.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Mike ! Thanks for your comments. I have listened your Cat Walk. Nice ! I love this kind of tropical music. It reminds me jamaican music from James Bond movie Dr NO :slight_smile:

I have Magix Music Maker but I have never been able to load synchronized MIDI tracks from my Yamaha Keyboard. All transfered tracks are mixed on the same one of the softare. However I can transfer only one track and edit it in the MIDI editor. I have many VST plugins, almost all the Sample Tank instruments samples, and a huge bank of loops of any style and instruments, but I don’t use them for many reasons : I am not at my ease in the MIDi editor and I have no inspiration in front of the computer. I have to be free on the instrument. I purchased the Standalone synthetizer because before I had a Master keyboard connected to the computer, but I have very few neurons available for musical memory, and when I have a musical idea, if I have to switch on the computer, wait for the boot, open the software, plug the Fast Track Pro M-Audio interface (for no latency), and some few other operations, when finally everything is plugged and ready, I have lost the few interesting musical notes that I had in mind… :frowning:

Also, Magix corporation changed its license rules, and all purchased loop which were previously usable in any project, are now only allowed for personnal non commercial projects. Anyway, I feel like the music is not totally mine when I use loops. I tried to create my own loops, but never found out how to loop a small wave file on itself, allowing infinite stretching on a track like the Magix samples and loops.

Thanks for the kind words, Roubal. I was on a one-week “let’s get the (!!!) away from Winter!” :RocknRoll: cruise when I wrote it, using my new Christmas present … Logic Pro X.

I’ve got a tape recorder … yes, tape … yes, reel-to-reel … sitting next to my little pathetic keyboard, and anytime I’m even plinking-away at the thing, the tape-recorder is turned on. The audio-recorder app on any smartphone can also be used in a pinch. I call-out the name of the first note or chord that I’m playing, “for the record.” At-least a smartphone is in my pocket all the time, so that if I “hear a tune in my head,” I can turn the thing on and hum it … and catch it.

As you say, there’s no time to waste when a musical idea drifts by. You gotta treat it like a sweet pretty little butterfly: “stick a pin in it.” :yes:

Once you do capture it, well, then it’s just a matter of what works best for you. Since my “chops” are basically terrible, it’s easiest for me to build-up a song out of many (mostly) hand-drawn pieces. But, that’s me.

This is indeed good news!

A short visit here after many years far away from 3D. I miss Blender a lot, but there is not enough time for everything in life. There are so many new amazing features in Blender that I fear I would have to learn almost everything from scratch !

I come back to give you a link. During the lockdown, I worked a lot on music, and I produced many works in different genres.

Now I am on You will discover more than 200 musical pieces I composed or improvised alon the past years. Do not hesitate to create an account on SoundCloud and put some comments (good or bad !).

Here is the link

Have a good day, and a lot of fun with Blender !