Sharing physics to all objects

I just made a lot of bricks and i forgot to set the physics before i dublicated all those times. i know how to select all the objects and share the materials between them all. but how can i select them all and share the physics qualities between them all?

maybe write some simple script like this, and run it with your objects selected

  1. copy each property data_path from gui with right click menu… and add to obj.
  2. values goes in uppercase, but check console if you get any error
import bpy
for obj in bpy.context.selected_objects: = 'RIGID_BODY' = True = 'CONVEX_HULL'

In Blender 2.49b you select all the bricks then shift select the brick that has the correct settings and then Object–>Copy Attributes–>All physical Attributes.

In 2.57b this option no longer exists even on the Add On 3D View-Copy Attributes Menu. Shame, I used it all the time and is one of 743 reasons why I can’t use 2.57b.