Shark and a fish

Hello everyone!

I’m working on a small cartoon animation

here are some of my characters

A shark and a fish (not textured yet :smiley: )


Great shape and topology I would say. :eyebrowlift:

I will come back with more photos and animation after I rig and texture :smiley: so stay tune

I’m back with more photos and more questions

  1. I’ve atached a photo of the shark I’m aiming to model the grey nurse shark and I’ve atached and photo of my shark :smiley:

I’ve notice that I didn’t made some wrinkles close to neck

  1. my shark mouth is ugly … I don’t like it :frowning: … I have some ideas how to improve it but first I need to know if you know any tutorial about how to make the teeth and how to embed in to mouth to look more realistic

  2. my little yellow fish …

Just as my shark this model it isn’t textured … for now I’m worry about the model
I like how this model turned out although I could made more details as I did for the pilot fish( check out the pilot fish topic :smiley: )

This little fish has flat eyes, because I can’t put a sphere … this fish will be just to fill the decore of my animation, do you think I’d better use sphere for the eyes… I’ve atached a preview of my yellow fish… check out the eyes


nice looking
i begn some general fish shape but did not yet complete the VU mapping
may be later !

i like your yellow shape fish but i did not yet do one like that yet

are you going to share the shapes only no the textured one
i can show you the ones i did if you want let me know may be we can exchange somes if your interested

salutations and happy 2.5

I don’t know… this time I think I will not share my models :smiley:

I’m looking forward to see your fish :slight_smile: