Shark and Motorbike (not together)

I have two seperate objects but i’m putting them in the same post to save space. The motorbike is based on Yamaha’s 2003 super sport race bike . And the second image is simply a shark.
(I’m posting the links aswell in case people have problems viewing it)
C&C more than welcome. I am fairly good at modelling, however my mane problem is render settings, and lighting.

Nice job.
You should use the “Set Smooth” button on the teeth of the shark(and then click the “Auto Smooth” one to keep the sharpness).

I like a lot the motorbike, the shape looks almost “organic” in some ways.
Try to put a material that is slightly reflexive on it, to fake metalic paint :slight_smile:

Subsurf is a nice tool, but it quickly breaks down for non-organic objects, so it makes your bike look too smooth.

It really IS worth the practice to model something from a plane by hand, without extra tools. It gives you experience in how to “sculpt”.

The bike looks ok but like I said it’s too smooth.

The only thing I can think about the shark is a shark’s mouth is usually farther under the body - the “snout” should stick out more on its own. But otherwise it’s looking good, now you just need to texture it up!

Good work :slight_smile:


I notice a small seam on the shark below the teeth, you might want to fix that. Good modeling on the bike.