Shark In The Water WIP

Working on the shark, i have the head mapped out, this is probably the most important but most dificult thing to model, took me a couple of times to figure out how to model it.


Pretty ominous. With the low level light, I agree that a simplified shark works well enough. Just a little bit of contour detail on the shark fin is needed (which is already there). What type of material is on the shark currently?

I really like the overall color of the render. Definitely has the same feel as opening scene to Jaws. What are your initial thoughts on the ocean modifier?

Hello Ricky, thx for the feed back, right now the material on the shark is a material that came with the shark, when i make a simple version im going to just have black with a noise texture scaled high to give some texture to it. So far the ocean modifier is pretty awesome, im also going to try and experiment with some animations and such.

It lacks story, at the moment it’s just a random render. Create a scene out of it, tell a story in a frame. Think about the placement of the camera, use it to create atmosphere.

Taking a break from this, technically still part of this wip but im gong to model the shark, every aspect so im not limited in angle.

Organizing topology and testing the sub-div.

Ha, reminds me of the “Jaws 19” hologram from Back to the Future 2 right now. Looking good.

Made some progress, looks ok, im going to restart again because i just dont like the look of this model, i just cant get the shapes right, the top of the head is latish bu the bottom round but flatish on bottom. The texture i also forgot the nose lol.

Heres a wireframe if anyones interested.