Well this Is my first serious attempt to make a good uv-mapped model.
I think it turned out good. Textures using photoshop.

C&C welcome!

Nice. But I think the colours are much too dark for a whitespace shark!

Good start! The shape is already cleary. The colours are also right.

Work further, that will be good

Looking good.

A suggestion on the texture though. Make the transition from the white to blue a little more subtle, (i.e. blend it in better). It looks a little too sharp right now.


Make a blend map for the transition and a nor map for the skin and that’s it!

nice colours… I’ve always wanted to do uv mapping… (well… for the 3 weeks out of 2 months i’ve been using blender)…

do you know of any good tutorials on how to do this?

great work! Nice model! For futur reference when you put a dark model on a background make the background grey not white it looks better! Other than that great work! :wink: