So I just finished my latest project, which was a shark model. Blender 2.70, and rendered w/cycles. Post in the compositor. Here it is.

Also, here’s the higher-res pasteall.
Critiques and comments are greatly appreciated.

Really cool!

P.S. Any ideas for how to make a scene that shows both above and below water? I have the water surface and above water objects working great, but underwater . . .

Where’s the Jaws theme… (I can hear it)

Tkz !!!

ps : the link “not” working.

Woops, sorry. That was just a higher-resolution version of the image. Ask if you want it.

nice submarine scene, I agree with wolfgann, I cant see the link, the unique thing I suggest if you can, bend a little the tail of shark, that can help to looks more “naturall”