Sharky (An old pic)

This was one of my real attempts at modelling (and first at UV-mapping). It’s about 10 months old.
I think I’m going to leave it as it is because the mesh is absolutely horrible and almost impossible to work with (didn’t know anything about modelling then, it’s full of triangles etc.)

triangle arnt that bad are they?

triangles are not bas in themselves… but subsurface applied to a surface made out of triangles may behave badly. Also, when animating the character, weird deformations can occur in joints area of a character.

today’s standard seems to be quads, but no shame in having a few (or a lot! :wink: ) triangles in a model as long as you still get good subsurfed, smoothed, deformed results…


that shark is nice, I like it a lot. Maybe you could try to salvage it by using that convert tri to quad function?

Yes cool

I thinks you must to make the eye more bad. But it’s cool