Sharlo - a Chaplin-like short

Hi all,

This is my first-ever project, I just wanted to share it with you.

You can find the fully-rigged blend file of the character here:

You can see the film on Youtube:

All comments are welcomed!


First ever? Damn, that’s impressive for a first project. But i’m guessing you didn’t just download Blender yesterday, lol.

Anyways, that was a neat little interpretation of the scene. Modeling was fine, texturing and lighting left something to be desired. Animation was not bad but the movements of the forks and their impaled companions were too jerky and sudden.

Anyways, not a bad freshman effort! Keep it up! Try something a little more original next time :slight_smile:

…although you got a smirk out of me when he does his silly face. lol.