Sharp angles in hair

I noticed that when trying to comb hair in blender, the hair has some sharp angles. I know I can increase the path steps, but those go away as soon as I get out of particle edit mode. Any suggestions?

It’s a bit disjointed, but there are several places within the UI for controlling this in different states.

Path Steps on the tool panel in P Edit mode, as you’ve discovered, only affects that mode.
On the Particles tab, under the Display section, you have Steps. This will work in the viewport outside of P Edit mode.
For rendering, see Steps under the Render section (just above the Display section.)

Also worth noting, on the Render tab, under the Geometry section, there are some additional settings for controlling the look of the geometry.

Awesome! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:
It looks like just increasing the steps in the particle tab work for rendering too.