Sharp edges are smooth

Hi all

Have got an object should have crisp sharp edges but almost everything is smoothed out and looks like it’s melted. Have done two very similar objects before with no problems now only the lower right side and lower middle are ok.

Any help would be great

Objects 7-12 .blend (786.9 KB)

I think you need more basics knowledge on how Blender works and 3D modeling, because this file have many errors and faces are flat in a plane with overlapping edges and faces.
The model are planar and the smoothness works at certain angle degrees, and for custom normal smooth a proper setting with sharp edges.

Here is visble the only parts with elevations and this part is the only zone where are possible the sharp on the edge

I suggest to start with basic tutorial where you can understand more about modelling.

Here a new file edited according to your idea but take a time to understand basics before.

new file, with edge sharp and normal smooth at 30° degrees
Objects 7-12_new .blend (818.2 KB)

Hi pafurijaz
Thanks for looking at my file.
The file that I uploaded is corrupted, it should have 6 panels instead of the 3 that you fixed. I have uploaded it again. All the faces are and were elevated. What I don’t understand is how to identify and correct overlapping faces and edges. Will have to learn that

Objects 7-12 _2.blend (988.2 KB)

What exactly are you trying to achieve here? If you’re wanting to make a jagged rock wall, there are better, more controllable ways to achieve the desired effect.

Hi Renzatic
thanks for your interest. What I’m doing is copying actual physical objects that I have made from cardboard to make objects in Blender. I use these for video installations. You can some photos at the link below along with other objects. I want to texture the blender models with videos and composit them into different scenes.

The way I’m doing it in Blender is to import a short video used for video mapping on the physical object as an image plane. Then I make another plane and extrude vertices and make faces exactly as those in video. After that I elevate the faces to match the actual physical objects I have in the studio. I’ve done this 2 times with no problems but now on the 3rd try things aren’t going well :frowning: Do you know a better way to do this? Would be great to know.


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I’m still not 100% what you’re trying, but copying the shape itself seems like something that’d be incredibly easy to do. It’s basically just a grid of poked faces with the center vert pulled out.

…like this.

Spikey.blend (757.5 KB)

Hi recognizing the overlapping shape is harder when you have many errors, you can use a correct strategy on modelling to avoid this errors because that are often complicated to inspect when you have done many vertex,
The correct things is try using a correct workflow to avoid errors a with knife tools to cut the planar faces, and other is hiding zones and vertex, but not simple.

For the second attempt in your photo there is a way with simple approach, making it with array and simple shape, anyway I try to edit your file.

For what concern smoothness here a link to the manual

Here the file corrected according the basic idea, your file has many errors as previous now is almost clean.
Objects 7-12 _2.blend (916.0 KB)

Thank you Pafurijaz, you helped me alot.
And thank you also Renzatic.
It’s really great how helpful everyone is on this forum.
You guys are the best!